Estruturas Metálicas e de Concreto

Galpões, Residências, Coberturas, Telhados, Edificações, Mezaninos

A Flügel realiza Projetos Completos, com Cálculos e dimensionamento, desenho 3D e detalhamento 2D, bem como a lista de matérias.

Metallic structures

Projects in metallic structure, also known with steel structure, use previously manufactured metallic profiles to be assembled in loco. Metallic structures are more efficient when it comes to delivery time, much cleaner, and can be part of the decoration of a designed project, thus saving labor costs.

Metal Roof Structures

Executive project of metallic structure for roof Embedded in the slab. Request a quote and learn more.

Concrete Structure

Residential and Commercial Concrete Structural Project. Ask for a quote and learn more.

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